Bill Payments

At Smart Payment Center we provide our customers with a fast and easy way to make bill payments. When you go to pay your bills, it may be difficult to send a check to each individual company. This is especially true if you do not have a bank account. Thankfully, we make things easy, by offering an easy way to make payments to over 300 different companies.

The companies on our list include major cable and internet networks, credit cards, and more! If you need to make a cell phone payment, we can assist you! Likewise, we can help you get your credit card payment in on time so that you don’t suffer from a large interest fee. For those who have the misfortune of receiving a parking ticket, we offer parking ticket payment processing, so that you can get that blemish off of your driving record.

In addition to processing bill payments, we provide metro cards to the people of Bronx. Whether you want to purchase a card or make a payment on your metro pass, we can assist you with an easy metro card purchasing service.

Our company specializes in money transfer service which include money order and wiring service. This gives you the ability to send money without a national bank service. A money order allows for you to get the money you need from wire transfers or from another country. For more information on all of our services, contact Smart Payment Center in Bronx, NY today!